Welcome to Blyzz.com

Here, I've set up a bit of a portfolio of some of the previous sites that I've put together. Some of them are viewable if you click on the small site preview window or title. Some of the viewable ones are not 100% working as some of the links they contain are domain-specific from when they were still live on their own domains.
For a while I played an augmented reality game called Ingress which was developed by Google and then sold off to Niantic. This game had 2 factions, one was green (Enlightened), the other was blue (Resistance). The players in this game were referred to as agents. People could access this site, enter their in-game name, faction and level, it would then generate an "Agent Tag" which they could download and print. The data gathered by Ingress was eventually used in the 'Pokémon Go' Augmented-Reality game.
I created this one-page "business-card" site for my wife's business, she's a Dietitian with a special interest in new-born babies, infants, toddlers and their mothers. It's merely there to create an online presence and somwhere for webliterate people to find her emailaddress, facebook and phone number.
I was very passionate about my home-brewing I also enjoyed making my own hardware to help me with the brewing process. I decided to start documenting the DIY-ing that I was doing and put it online so that others could either be inspired, or learn from my successes and failures.
Before I got my first dog, I could drop everything and go away for a weekend. Or I could spend a day visiting a near-by town on the sea to watch the whales. Then when I got my first dog, I realised that a lot of these options were now closed to me so I decided to build up a list of dog-friendly places that I could visit. I then incorporated it into a map form.
A company for which I worked got a TV in the office to play music videos. However, everyone found it distracting, so it was always turned off. I convinced my employers to invest in a pocket-sized PC (Raspberry Pi) so that we could display office metrics on the TV. I designed a site for it, but can't display it here for obvious reasons..
piMo is basically a status page that has the temperatures for a number of probes that are stored in freezers and fridges as well as a few left out to record the ambient temperatures. It's only a small part of the entire system that I built. If you're interested in how I did this, please contact me at 'piMo [at] blyzz.com'.
I've written a few pretty useful bash scripts for some common things that I need done on my home server. I felt like they could be used to help others, and wanted to share them. I looked around for a nice easy place to do so and didn't find any, so I put together a simple 1-page site on my server that has a few of these scripts available for others to copy.